Career Confidence

Sep 04, 2020
Career Confidence with Saskia Clements
I was enjoying my new job but knew it would take time to learn all the requirements of my role. I now have the confidence to know I can do this really well and that the job’s importance is not necessarily reflected in the position in which it sits in the company. 

With Saskia’s coaching I am now brave enough to challenge what’s happening in an appropriate way. I also recognise the limitations of advancement in this organisation and know that the quality of my work reaches a far wider audience (government ministries) which is where my future may lie. 

Recognising my valuable skills

Coaching has led me to recognise that I have a strong set of skills.

When I’m searching for a solution, or a way of working, a methodology or a strategy I have the determined perseverance to keep looking for, asking, and investigating all possibilities, solutions and offerings until I find the one that resonates with the problem inside my head. I’m not satisfied with good enough.

Relishing life

I knew I was very fortunate to have Paul and my children, but coaching has encouraged me to acknowledge and recognise the wonderful people in my life and the things that happen every day.

It’s bought things to the surface – even the stressful stuff (earthquake, mum and dad…).  I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. It’s given me permission to be happy.

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