New habits for work life balance

Dec 07, 2020
Work life balance with Saskia Clements

I have just had the pleasure of completing a 6-month coaching programme with Saskia and wish to share my impressions of, and sincere appreciation for Saskia’s coaching skills and her involvement in a huge step forward in my life.

Amongst a number of goals I set early in the process, the most important to me were getting control of finances, improving my home environment (mainly a huge decluttering exercise), improving work/life balance and creating better work habits to get some efficiency into my office environment.

No idea where to start

At the outset these seemed like mammoth tasks, especially when hoping to turn around in 6-months bad habits learned over a lifetime!

Before I started with Saskia, I could recognise that I was in a rut, and that the current situation in each goal area was an obstacle to my moving ahead in both personal and employment areas.

I suspected I was capable of doing much better but had no idea where to start.

Everything was interconnected

What I had not suspected was how interconnected these (what I saw as) obstacles and goals were, and how soon I would begin to see real progress. Recognising and celebrating stages of progress became important and enjoyable.

Aspects of Saskia’s coaching style which I really appreciate include her ability to make the journey fun and enlightening, while guiding but not forcing or judging.

She has a way of allowing you to see the answers for yourself, offering possible solutions when appropriate, and most importantly being 100% there in the moment.

New momentum and life satisfaction

In just 6 months I have moved from scores of 3-5 out of 10, in terms of satisfaction with each area I wanted to improve, to scores of 8-10.

Having gained the skills to attain and measure progress with goals, I am now applying these to other areas of my life.

Now that I have finished my initial 6-months I am looking forward to some top-up sessions and the opportunity to demonstrate to Saskia that the momentum she has helped me create has just begun.

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